About Gail Louw

Gail is an award winning playwright with plays performed both in the UK and across three continents in the USA, South Africa and Australia.

Gail is an award winning playwright who has her plays performed throughout the world. Twelve professionally produced plays have been published in three collections by Oberon Books. Her play Blonde Poison has been performed in eight productions throughout the world including Sydney Opera House, LA and Berlin. It won an Argus Angel award for Artistic Excellence at Brighton Festival. Duwayne won Best New Play at Brighton Festival and Miss Dietrich Regret won a Naledi award in South Africa. Being Brahms won an award by Radio Sussex and Surrey. Other plays which tour extensively are And This is My Friend Mr Laurel, and Shackleton’s Carpenter

Latest review quotes from the London run of

Shackleton’s Carpenter

“…a nuanced and masterful performance worthy of a Beckett play”

The Guardian

“Rennie holds the audience spellbound with a bravura performance”

London Living Large

“a no-holds-barred tour-de-force of immensely gripping integrity”

Theatre World

“A tremendous, unforgettable performance “

Theatre Cat


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