A Life Twice Given

A Life Twice Given - Poster

A Life Twice Given

By Gail Louw

Based on the book A Life Twice Given by David Daniel

Say the worst thing imaginable happens to you. It affects your life, your identity, your relationships, everything about you. But you know you can reverse it. The only thing standing in your way is not science or technology, it’s the person you love the most, your wife, who says no, morally, ethically, no, it’s not right.

What do you do?

In A Life Twice Given, David cajoles, manipulates and gets in the religious heavies to make sure his wife Lisa makes the right decision. And a year later, there he is again, his son, ready to carry on his interrupted life.

But it doesn’t quite work out like that,

A Life Twice Given was funded by the UK’s Arts Council to perform at five venues across the South-East of England and London in October 2019